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Amyloid Removal Looks Possible in ATTR Cardiomyopathy Imaging Trial

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By Shelley Wood  MAY 23, 2023

PRAGUE, Czechia—A phase I, randomized, double-blind trial of an intravenous antibody in transthyretin amyloid (ATTR) cardiomyopathy is being hailed as a potential “game changer” after imaging studies show signs that the therapy is actually removing amyloid from the body.

While there are many regulatory hoops ahead, the small study offers exciting hints that recombinant human antibody NI006 (Neurimmune), which was well-tolerated, was linked to improvements in left ventricular function, cardiac biomarkers, and quality of life.

“We are confident that this drug is safe and the preliminary data that we have certainly support moving forward in order to improve these patients, because all the drugs we have currently available stop amyloid accumulation but do not remove the amyloid that is in the heart,” said Pablo Garcia-Pavia, MD, PhD (Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro and CNIC, Madrid, Spain), who presented the study here at the European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure (ESC-HF) 2023 Congress.

The results were published simultaneously in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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