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Ultromics granted FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for AI-enhanced Cardiac Amyloidosis detection

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| By Ultromics

Oxford, UK, April 26th, 2023 — Ultromics, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence-powered diagnostics for heart failure, has been granted FDA Breakthrough Device Status for its AI-enhanced platform for detecting cardiac amyloidosis.

The platform, EchoGo Amyloidosis, uses artificial intelligence to analyze echocardiograms and detect the presence of cardiac amyloidosis, a condition caused by deposits of abnormal proteins in the heart tissue, using only a single commonly acquired ultrasound view of the heart. 

The novel technology is designed to address the unmet need for earlier diagnosis of amyloidosis patients, which otherwise may go unnoticed until the disease has advanced, delaying treatment, and adversely impacting patient outcomes.

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