Webinar: “Established and Emerging Treatment Strategies for AL Amyloidosis in 2021

Webinar: “Established and Emerging Treatment Strategies for AL Amyloidosis in 2021

Fall 2021 Live Webinar Event

Please join us for our webinar event presented by Dr. Heather Landau.

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Heather Landau, MD, is a hematologist-oncologist and the Director of the Amyloid Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Center focused on increasing access to novel, effective therapies in AL amyloidosis and has investigated drugs at all stages of development. She has conducted multiple investigator-initiated clinical trials exploring novel agents and approaches, including consolidation and maintenance strategies in high-risk patients.  She led the development of MSK’s Outpatient Transplant Service and is studying innovative ways to optimize high-dose therapy and transplant care. Pharmacokinetically dosed conditioning has the potential to truly personalize high-dose therapy and Dr. Landau has shown that delivering transplant care at home is safe and improves the quality of life and satisfaction of patients and caregivers. As an active member of the Amyloid Research Consortium (ARC), Dr. Landau has worked with the FDA to identify scientifically rigorous but feasible clinical trials designs and incorporate clinically meaningful endpoints to accelerate drug approval in this disease. Translational research efforts focus on using genomic approaches to understand the biology of pathologic plasma cells in AL amyloidosis, including their sensitivity and resistance to therapies. Partnering with colleagues in pathology and clinical laboratory medicine, Dr. Landau is developing more sensitive methods of detecting and monitoring monoclonal disease using mass spectrometry. As a member of the International Society of Amyloidosis, she has contributed to recently developed clinical guidelines that highlight best practices for hematopoietic cell transplantation. She is a member of the International Myeloma Society and International Kidney Monoclonal Gammopathy Working Group. Dr. Landau’s expertise in the field of amyloidosis leads to frequent invitations to lecture nationally and internationally. She also participates regularly in patient-centered initiatives through the Amyloidosis Research Consortium, Amyloid Foundation, Patient Support Groups and serves as an advisor to Mackenzie’s Mission.