Untangling Amyloidosis – Patient Webinar

Untangling Amyloidosis – Patient Webinar

One of the barriers patients and caregivers face in confronting this disease is confusion about how to diagnose and treat the different forms amyloidosis takes. Join us on Thursday, June 1 at 12pm (EST) for this informative presentation for patients and caregivers.

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Our webinar, narrated by Vaishali Sanchorawala, MD, a hematologist and Director of the world-renowned Boston University/Boston Medical Center Amyloidosis Center, and Frederick L. Ruberg, MD, the senior cardiologist with the group, is designed to educate the general public about amyloidosis.


Medical information will be presented in simple, straightforward terms that will be understandable without specialized training. The overall objective is to provide a clear and concise summary of the breadth of illness caused amyloidosis to empower patients and their families so that they can confront, adapt to, and hopefully defeat this debilitating disease.

This program is supported by an independent  grant from Alnylam. The Amyloidosis Foundation is solely responsible for the content.

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