Spreading the Love and Raising Funds with Homemade Jelly

Spreading the Love and Raising Funds with Homemade Jelly

(By Marcelle Hanemann, reprinted with permission from the Washington Parish Living magazine, Bogalusa, LA)

Bethany “Noel” Martin, an 11-year-old sixth grade student at Ben’s Ford Christian School, bonded immediately with her “Pawpaw,” Gary Newman. But her beloved Pawpaw is no longer with her, he passed away just after Christmas last year to amyloidosis.

She said he was the “one of the nicest men I have ever met,” and that “he always had a great attitude and never complained.” Now, the daughter of Pastor Caleb and Toni Martin and granddaughter of Pastor Jerry Lynn and Connie Martin and of Beth Newman, has a plan to get the rare disease into the public’s eye and to eventually help fund a cure for amyloidosis.

She’s making jelly in her Pawpaw’s memory and donating the proceeds to the Amyloidosis Foundation. The business is called “Spread the Love,” and it’s a family affair. “Noel likes to cook and clean, and take care of her baby brother,” her mother said. “Her ambition is to be a homemaker.”

She uses her grandmother Martin’s family recipes, and her grandmother and mother are often in attendance to provide guidance.

Currently the ladies make muscadine, fig, mahaw, and strawberry jellies. And Noel makes jelly cakes, as well. She sells blueberry, mayhaw, and muscadine jelly for $6 a pint and for $4.50 a half pint, and fig and strawberry jelly for $5 a pint and $3.50 for half a pint. Spread the Love jellies are available for purchase at Simmons Flea Market in Bogalusa, LA.

Noel can also be followed on Instagram at @spread_the_love_by_noel.

So far, the young entrepreneur has raised $231 with her Spread the Love jellies. But her Pawpaw’s sprit is sure to help her collect much more.