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Life Is What You Make It

I am Len Strickland and I was diagnosed with Hereditary Amyloidosis (ATTR) with a variant of Val122ile. There are over 100 different variants of ATTR based on culture and ethnicity. I learned of my affliction at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota on March 29 of 2007. Hereditary Amyloidosis (ATT…



Clear information on the main amyloidosis diseases, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and FAQs.


Amyloidosis Foundation Announces 2020 Research Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce the funding of three new research projects. The Donald C. Brockman Memorial Research Grant has been awarded to Mark Rank, PhD of Johns Hopkins University. His study revolves around cardiac amyloidosis. The David Seldin, MD, PhD Memorial Research Grant recipient is Susan Ba…