Amyloidosis Symposium at Washington University in St. Louis

Amyloidosis Symposium at Washington University in St. Louis

The Amyloidosis Foundation is proud to be a partner at this event, “Contemporary Diagnosis and New Advances in the Treatment of Amyloidosis” on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, chaired by our Board of Director, Daniel Lenihan, MD.  This is a symposium for providers, patients and their families. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits will be available.

Patients touched by amyloidosis and their families are invited to attend the lunch and afternoon session. The breakout sessions will allow attendees the opportunity to ask questions of various medical providers and network.

Guest faculty includes:

Morie Gertz, MD, Professor of Medicine
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Jose Nativi Nicolau, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

This course is planned and designed inter-professionally by and for physicians and nurses. It is intended for physicians in cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, oncology, hematology, nephrology, hospitialists, internists, family and general medicine as well as physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses.

The intended result of this activity is increased knowledge, competence, performance and skill. At the completion of the activity registrants should be able to:

•State the etiology and epidemiology of both TTR and AL amyloidosis
•Select appropriate diagnostic approach in amyloidosis
•Differentiate AL vs TTR in diagnosis of amyloidosis
•Outline current therapeutic options
•Describe current research developments in AL and TTR

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