Amyloidosis Research Consortium – Roundtable Meeting

Amyloidosis Research Consortium – Roundtable Meeting

The Amyloidosis Research Consortium (ARC) held a meeting in Boston on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 regarding “Changing the Amyloidosis Drug Development Pathway”. In attendence were medical experts, pharmaceutical experts, and rare disease experts from the FDA.

On Thursday, September 17, the ARC presented the findings of the previous day “Changing the Amyloidosis Drug Development Pathway” meeting to FDA experts in rare disease.

ARC mtg 5

The ARC is also hosting an extremely important meeting on November 16th with the FDA in Bethesda, Maryland. This is an unprecedented opportunity for amyloidosis patients to inform and educate the FDA about the need for new treatments.

The FDA has requested that we hold this meeting.

We need patients and their advocates to demonstrate their support by attending – and there will also be an opportunity for patients to speak. The ARC is working closely with the Amyloidosis Foundation, Amyloidosis Support Groups and the core amyloidosis centers to drive this initiative forward.


Admission to this meeting is free.

To find out more and reserve your place, please email us at [email protected].