Amyloidosis Foundation Announces 2022 Research Grant Recipients

Amyloidosis Foundation Announces 2022 Research Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce the funding of three new Junior Investigator Research Grants for 2022. The Amyloidosis Foundation Research Grants have been awarded to the following applicants:

K. H. Vincent Lau, MD of Boston University, Boston, MA. His research is titled “Evaluating Plasma Neurofilament Light Chain as an Early Biomarker for Polyneuropathy in V122I Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis”.

Zainul S. Hasanali, MD, PhD of University of Pennsylvania, PA.  His study is “Targeting amyloidosis through study of calcium dependent endoplasmic reticulum resident protein folding chaperones and their effect on antibody production in plasma cells”.  

Taxiarchis Kourelis, MD of Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. His research is titled “Characterizing the role of the tissue immunome in the pathogenesis of renal AL amyloidosis”.

The Amyloidosis Foundation has awarded over $2 million to research since the inception of the grant program in 2005.

Click here for photos and to read more about their proposals.