2021 “Light the Night for Amyloidosis”

2021 “Light the Night for Amyloidosis”

‘Light The Night for Amyloidosis’ campaign in March 2020 was a great success! The Amyloidosis Foundation had great participation, with over 100 sites in 5 countries lighting for our cause.

We are planning for the March 2021 event. “Light the Night for Amyloidosis” is an awareness campaign created by the Amyloidosis Foundation to draw attention to amyloidosis symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and hopefully a cure! ‘Amyloidosis Awareness Month’ occurs in March.

Some of those that lit up for amyloidosis are Niagara Falls, Aloha Tower, LAX Airport, Little Caesar’s Arena, JL Tower, Zakim Bridge, Wells Fargo’s Duke Energy Center, Detroit Ford Field, MLK Jr Memorial Bridge, Bank of America Plaza, The PA Capitol Building, Emirates Spinnaker Tower, Calgary Tower, and many other notable locations. You can view the full list at: 

The Amyloidosis Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports research through our annual grant program. Our mission is to raise awareness of the disease within the medical community and the public, in addition to providing education, information, and support for patients and their families. The Amyloidosis Foundation is a worldwide foundation. AMYLOIDOSIS represents several different types of diseases where an abnormal protein called amyloid is produced. These amyloid protein fibers can attach and deposit into organs, tissues, nerves, and other places in the body. When that happens, health problems, organ damage, or organ failure may occur.

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